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Fresh Breeze Heating and Cooling
Fresh Breeze AC is a family owned and operated, full service Air Conditioning Company. We are a licensed, bonded and insured AC Contractor who provides heating and air conditioning repair services for your home and business. We repair ALL makes and models and include parts and labor warranties.

The Queen Creek Cafe has been a local favorite since 1995 and the owners Larry and Debbie Hoel boast over 40 years experience in the restaurant and lounge industry. Debbie, an Arizona Native, and Larry, a transplant from New Jersey for 35 years, believe they have found the perfect blend of East meets West dinning. Debbie loves her desserts and Larry loves his meat and potatoes, so it's not a surprise that the meatloaf, soup and chili con carne have to be homemade. The ice cold draft beer, all your favorite liquors, thick Columbian Coffee, or freshly brewed iced tea is served while watching your favorite hometown ball team in the restaurant or lounge. So if you are looking to relax and enjoy a real home style meal without the high prices, in a clean and friendly environment, the Q.C. is your place to be.

Restaurant Hours: Opens 6:30am daily
Bar Hours: Opens 11:00am Monday through Saturday
Opens 10am Sunday

22002 S Ellsworth Rd
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

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We are a proud Member of the San Tan Valley Chamber!

The San Tan Valley  Chamber of Commerce and its members have been working together with the best interest of our community in mind, since 2005. From promoting our businesses, to providing tools and resources needed for success, to creating business leaders and advocating for the rights of business owners, the San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce serves as the premier business community advocate.



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